Acappella App Part 2

This iOS app continues to impress. A few notes that might help others…

  1. I had to purchase a small lightning to 1/8 adapter for my earbuds to get good quality recordings. My iPhone SE has a much better internal mic than the wired earbuds, but in order to use it, you need earbuds without a mic. For multi-layer recordings earbuds are a must. It’s a $9 purchase from the apple store, so it won’t break the bank.

2. You can record a single screen video (no split screen) as a reference recording, save it in the app, then import it into a different Acappella project later. So far I have not found a way to import other videos – even from your own phone – into the app.

Below is some fun with a non-metronome recording, front facing cameras on my face, rear on my feet. Genuine black socks included free. Sing-a-long!


The Acapella App

The iOS app Acapella creates multi-frame music videos so easily it’s shocking. I haven’t listened to it side by side with my go-to video editor – Filmora, but why would I? It’s easy to use and boasts above-average sound quality. I also have seen examples of collaborations between multiple users that sound and look very refined.

By the way, If you have seen a Zoom-looking multi-frame virtual performance that looks like it was recorded live, rest assured that the final product took hours of painstaking effort to edit together. This one app has the potential to streamline the process of – say it with me – asynchronous music performance. No Android version, unfortunately. This brief jam was recorded with the wired earbud microphone that comes with the iPhone SE 2020.

I’m planning on buying the full version, allowing for unlimited recording time, no watermarks, etc. Give it a listen below. Full song coming next.