This might be the time to lie…

One of the songwriting tools we played with at the Glen was meter. Since I’m steeped in the hymn-singing tradition I have a deep love and understanding of the subject. Look at the bottom of a hymnal page and you will see a series of numbers: or or C.M.D. This secret code is not illuminati messaging, but refers to the number of syllables in each line. The metrical pattern is consistent through every stanza or verse. I often use this tool to change the tune for a hymn when the music given is too difficult or too mind-numbingly boring. So when I was challenged to write a couplet on the spot, this came out. I started with a phrase from one of my fellow songwriters. It seems somehow appropriate for this week…

This might be the time to lie.

  the truth can wound more than deceit.

A slight omission smooths the way

   a lets the ignorant happ’ly eat.

Do you really want to know

   the ins and outs of every choice?

You’ll stuff your brain ’till it explodes

   and weep until you have no voice.