Returning from The Glen

One week ago Christina and I left The Glen Workshop in Santa Fe. The Glen is a weeklong program for writers, poets, songwriters, artists, etc… created by the people at Image Journal. It’s dedicated to exploring the intersection of faith, art and mystery. The surroundings almost accomplish the intention without the workshop. Santa Fe is high desert: beautiful, dry, mountains and plains. You can see hundreds of miles to the horizon. The adobe buildings, green juniper and sage, and blue sky inspire a kind of visual meditation. Combined with a lack of reliable cell coverage, it was a true aesthetic retreat.

The workshop was just as rich. I was part of the songwriting workshop led by Over the Rhine. Spending five mornings with Karen, Linford and 14 other fascinating songwriters was a feast for the soul. I wrote a song on the way down, finished an old one on Tuesday, and co-wrote another for Saturday morning. My kind of vacation. Did I mention that during this all richness the kids were having a great time with Grandma and cousins? Christina and I relished our time away. Can it really get any better? Yes, actually. Food (sometimes great, sometimes meh) was provided all week by St John’s college. I didn’t have to make a meal for anyone for eight days. Blessed relief.

We’ve officially checked all the boxes: July 30th – August 6th was the best week of 2017.